Clearance Support

You can contact us for your customs procedures regarding goods export, import and shipments.

If you do business locally and internationally, you have certainly noticed the challenges and must have been confronted with customs requirements. A Lot of rules and regulations, with all the necessary important things involved, which requires specific experience.

Thus, you are putting so much energy into Customs rules, regulation and massive paperwork gives you lesser time for your core business activities that generate the most for your business. With so much knowledge, COMCACO will be pleased to take the complicated customs clearance procedures off your hands for you.

You can call us for a variety of customs procedures related to export and import, consignments. We will also be pleased to help advise you on specific customs or tax issues in Cameroon.

Why should you choose us?

We Have Strong In-House Customs and Administrative Experts. Our high skill and experience team members guarantee the best knowledge in the field of customs and clearance matters.

That makes us to be flexible and allows us to perform and ready to respond swiftly, so that you or your client obtain the goods fast enough. Our experts are pro-enthusiastic and directly involved in each step.

A reliable partner

COMCACO is a solid, reliable partner. A healthy company with sufficient working manpower to support your goods flows services without a problem.

We are demonstrated by the diversity of clients.
This all empowers us to control your documentation process effectively and on time delivery.

Please note that due to documentation issues, our shipment service is subject to request.

For further information please contact on how to book a shipment