Export Delivery

Goods Delivery

As an exporting company you should be able to deliver your goods to your client the (importer). This is often a challenge for many businesses particularly a small and medium businesses as they often do not have the capacity to deliver to their client abroad.

For export which are designed for European clients. COMCACO will help you with delivering your exported goods to your EU importing client. With our E-commerce partner (Market-Linkage B.V.) registered and headquartered in the Netherlands, we are able to deliver your goods to the rightful owner. ML is our trusted partner responsible to deliver your export goods shipped through COMCACO supply chain.

A lot of work is involved when you are in the movement of goods business. We are fully aware that customs documentation process is time consuming, but fortunately we can take the entire documentation process off your hands.

How we help you export while save time and money; thanks to the service we provide for you:

container, container port, port

Quick shipment, ready-at-origin and due-at-destination within dates and time.

workbook, bills, accounting

Manage your paperwork and keep your shipment on track: with fewer surprises, and less avoidable delays.

calculator, calculation, insurance

Cost efficient and professional customs clearance and timely delivery of your shipment.


Costs vary by the goods you want to import to Cameroon. Your order can be arranged very quickly and easily by COMCACO!
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