About Us​

Commodity Cocoa Coffee Import and Export (COMCACO) is a leading import and export company in Cameroon. COMCACO was established in 2014 with the aim to provide cost-efficient Free on Board and Freight Forwarding services to businesses in Cameroon. Our team of experts are always up to-date with the latest customs regulations to minimize time for paperwork and ensure low costs for full or half-full containers of goods.

We are specialized in exportation of cocoa, coffee beans and chocolate products to Europe. We also import goods such as beer, wine and fabrics from Europe, for wholesale, hotels, and small and large retailing businesses in Cameroon. Our vast knowledge in logistics and goods clearance enables us to carry smooth execution of goods clearance and delivery.

By delegating part of your business tasks to us, you save time and resources for your business, thus, you can concentrate on other business activities with peace of mind. We are keen to ensuring accurate communication with you, when planning orders or delivery of your goods, and endeavour to secure consistent and a win-win cooperation. Our partners include local and international manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.


Work with highly skilled business professionals and staff and provide competitive high quality goods and services for our customers.


Be a leading and reliable preferred premium importer and exporter, adding sustainable value to businesses in Cameroon.

Why You Choose Us?

Straightforward Process

With a mixture of unique service and a team of experts, we make flexible business export and import accessible to businesses ​

Collective Endeavor

Individual and excellent endeavor is always our initial point; clients and partners tell us we are friendly, fair, and support

Transparent Service

We strive for a transparent, swift and fair process so that our clients can focus on the most important thing in their business

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